Pretty postcards.

Hello :-D

Because it's a beautiful spring sunny day, I went for a walk in my lunch time.
I walked along the Canal.

This is the promenade of canal.
Feel really nice! :)

While walking along, I found a street stall of beautiful postcards.

These are the postcards of Otaru Canal.
Can you see how beautiful it is?? X-D

Mr. Hitoshi Horii draws them.
He sells these postcards at the street stall on sunny days in Otaru.
I talked to him when I bought some postcards there.
He is very kind and nice to talk.

I bought 4 postcards today, and he wrapped them with a cute paper bag:)
And also he gave me a cute card.

These postcards are good for souvenir and decolation of your room.
Of course you can send them to your family or friends from Otaru!
You can buy stamps and mail them at the canal plaza. :^)

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