Cleaning a garden★

Hi! Mr.Isida (Otaru tourism assosiation's staff) cleaned our garden. He pulled out lots of weeds. We are looking forward to seeing you with clean garden.
pull out...

pull out...

and peace sign★★

33.6 degrees!

Hi, how are you going?
My older sister visited me yesterday from Tokyo.
Hokkaido is famous about cooler than Tokyo, but yesterday was 33.6℃!!
Still in summer...

My sister (right) and me


This is Otaru trolley bus★

Otaru is still like in summer...hot day everyday...
If you would like to look around Otaru by bus, I recommend to take a trolley bus which is stroller's bus.
You can take this bus from Chuo bus terminal which is located in front of JR Otaru station.

I found a lovely shop!!
This is like a trolley bus!!
When I took this photo, the store staff got behind, she was bashful 8->
You can see this shop at the bus terminal!

How about taking a rickshaw??

When I walked around Otaru station yesterday, I saw a girl.

She is the only woman who draws a rickshaw in Otaru!

She is really active and has lovely smile :-)

You will find many rickshaw staffs ( named "Ebisuya"), If you came to Otaru.

And they are studying about Otaru very well, so they'll guide you in detail.

They are looking forward to seeing you


Welcome to Otaru!!

Hi, I'm Yuko.
I'm working as a tourist information staff in Otaru and I take charge of foreign tourist.
I'll show you some interesting spots in Otaru.
If you come to Otaru by JR train, we can see you in Otaru JR station first.
This is tourist information of Otaru station and she is Ms.Takato
She will guide you kindly
In addition, there is JR information next to us, cool guys will attend to you:D☆
Don't you think so??

You can enjoy a lot of lamps in Otaru station.
This station has many old-time views, and it will be remodeled but old-time views as they are.
Are you interested in Otaru?
I'll introduce my recommendation of Otaru!
I hope you will enjoy them.
C u next time!!


Otaru Sakaimachi Yukata Lantern Festival

Otaru Sakaimachi Yukata Festival
(※Yukata...an inforrmal cotton kimono for the summer season)
●Date: 14/8/2010~15/8/2010
●Time: 12:00~20:00
Sakaimachi street will be pedestrian precienct (11:00~21:00) Impassable for cars.
Why don't you visit Sakaimachi wearing Yukata?
If you wear Yukata, you'll be able to get some benefits.
Yukata contest
Prize...Tokyo disney land, Okinawa tour, Ticket of sushi restaurant...etc.
Yukata festival beer garden
Place...Marchen crossroad, Sakaimachi oikora stage
Marchen concert
14/8/2010(sat) 15:00~20:00
Marchen live oldays night
15/8/2010(san) 15:00~
Marchen live stage
Stamp Rally
Let's collect 8 stamps and Get prize!!
Stamp Rally places
Otaru station, Cafe anna, Otaru sake Takano, Minamiotaru station, Taisho glass gallery Kura,
Marchen stage, Kahisakan, Oikora stage
※Stamp form is in Every stamp places.
※The application post is at Marchen stage, Otaru station and Minamiotaru station.
There are many interesting events.
We're looknig forward to seeing you !!
More information

Hotel Informatioin

We'll introduce "Otaru Asari Classe Hotel"

This is the biggesr hotel in Asarigawa hotspring area.

There're golf course and ski resort near there and you can enjoy outdoor sports at all season.
you will be relaxedif you take a outdoor hotspring.
They have expansive rooms and you can take it easy with the murmur of a stream.
Firefly festival is held in Classe Hotel every year.
You can enjoy roast beef and japanese fried noodle cooked by Classe hotel's chef at a fair.
The music concert aroused the festival.
you can see firefly on hotel site.
About 80 fireflies are lighting and entertain many guests.
The best season is until middle of August.

We visited "Tanaka Brewing" !

Hello! We'll introduce "Tanaka Shuzou". ※Tanaka shuzou...Tanaka sake brewing.
They're famous as sake of Otaru local brew.
"Takaragawa" (means treasure river)
This is japanese sake.
It receives a prize.
1,800ml...10,500 yen
720ml...5,250 yen
This is made from Hokkaido's rice.
It tastes fruity and mild.
The home brewing

Address...2-5, Ironai 3 chome, Otaru city

Tel...(0134) 23-0390

There are branch of Tanaka brewing.

The branh is named "Kikkougura".

The big business is sign.

This building was built from wood in 1927.
This is nominated as a histrical building.
They display old signboard, you must feel you're in hte old days.
They have many kinds of japanese sake.

Sweet one, dry one...etc.

If you hesitate about choice, staffs will help you.

You can try tasting.

Tanaka sake brewing produce new product one after another.

Some produsts have limitation.
"Cho shinsen shiboritate" (means really fresh)
It's fresh and fruity.
Kikkougura (The branch oh Tanaka brewing)

Address...2-2, Shinkou-town, Otarucity
Tel...(0134) 21-2390
This rocky warehouse was built in 1963. This is nominated as a histrical building as well.
The best feature of the branch is that you can look brewing.
We looked around with guiding about operation.
You can reserve factry tour on website.
"Otaru Junbei Natsu ginjo" (means summer's sake)
720ml...1,600 yen
Sale only in August.
This is made from Hokkaido's rice.
This sake is dry and goes well in summer.
Tanaka brewing website⇒ http://www.tanakashuzo.com/


Why don't you enjoy sea in Otaru? Part.2

Would you like take a cruser?
It takes about 15 minutes from Otaru station to Cruse ship dock. It's quite near from Otaru canal.
How about going cruising to Aquarium and Herring palace?
If you want to enjoy lovely landscape , I reccomend to join "Otamoi course".
You can feed seagulls !
It's really fun

                   Food for seagulls. 100 yen each.

There are 2 courses from pier No.3 to Shukutsu port and come around Otamoi besides.
Timetable depends on courses.
And sometimes cruising os canceled for bad weather.
【Red rock】
【Window rock
Otamoi has beautiful sea of emerald green and spectacular views.
Red rock, clift, window rock and todo rock.
I hope you enjoy Otaru sea.
【Otamoi seaside】
It's impossible to go through from parking to seaside because stones are likely to fall down.
You can enjoy this view only from boat.
【Yakata bune】(Mansion boat)
You can embark on mansion boat at pier No.3.
Mansion boat plis only on saturday, sunday and holidays.
It takes about 40 minutes within Otaru port.


Why don't you enjoy sea in Otaru ? Part.1

"Otaru Marina"
It's located next to ※Ishihara Yujiro Memorial hall and it takes about 10 minutes from Otaru-Chikkou station by walk.
Ishihara Yujiro...Japanese really famous actor.
It's nominated as a sea station of Hokkaido where a lot of boats amd yahchts.
There are shops and cafe in the Otaru marina so, you can take it easy with looking at the sea.
Would you like enjoy a beautiful piece of scenery in Otaru?
I'll introduce "Window Rock" course of boat crusing.
Let's start from "Otaru-port"
【Red Rock】
【Window Rock】


Wolud you like take a photo of this beautifu view?
Sometimes you can see sightseeing boat and kayak.
【Otamoi seaside】


It's impposible to go through from Otamoi parking to seaside because of falling stone.
You can see this view only from boat crusing.
【Todo Rock】
Emerald greean sea
You must be impressed by emerald green sea.
Let's make a beautiful memory with your family and friends.
I hope you enjoy it!
※Sometimes boatcrusing is canceled for bad weather.
Please check before coming.


Otaru town hall and Noh playing hall

We visited Koukaido (Town hall) and Nohgakudo (※Noh playing hall). ※Noh...Japanese traditional opera. We went there as a group of 20 people and a staff guided us particular inside these buildings. (We reserver before) We thought this exhibition is only during summer, but we can look around there all year around.

(Noh playing hall is unavailable ony in winter because of snow fence)
◆Otaru Town Hall◆
In 1911, Otaru town hall was built as a "Hotel" in represent civic hall for the Enperor (He was crown prince at the time) by Yokichi Fujiyama's donation. Otaru city relocated it to Hanazono in 1960.

◆Noh playing hall◆

In 1926, Mr, Ken Okazaki built Noh playing hall in his courtyard as a rare style.It's relocated to present place accompanies relocation of town hall.

☆These arts have never been repainted.


When we visited there, it was rainy and staff taught us that it's hard to have a look Noh playing hall from outside so, we went on stage specially by grace of his kindness.

◆Summer Exibition is opening now◆
30th of May to 5th of September

"Noh" making school

Experience of making model (Making model of "Noh" stage)

Date: 12/8/2010(Thu)

Time: 9:00~11:00

Fee: 300 yen

The numbers: Limited 20 people

Place: Town hall room No.3


Ad...2-9-10, Hanazono. Otarucity

Tel...(0134) 22-8713

Fax...(0134) 33-8713


World Exhibition of Noh

Exhibition of panel. instruments and Noh mask about history.

Date: 12/8/2010~29/8/2010

Time: 10:00~16:30

Entry fee: Free

Place: Otaru town hall

World of Noh Mask=Otaru Noh Lecture=

Date: 21/8/2010

Time: 11:00~12:00

Entry fee: Free

Place: Kyuu Okazakike noubutai (Former Okazaki's Noh stage)

Town hall web site↓