Why don't you enjoy sea in Otaru ? Part.1

"Otaru Marina"
It's located next to ※Ishihara Yujiro Memorial hall and it takes about 10 minutes from Otaru-Chikkou station by walk.
Ishihara Yujiro...Japanese really famous actor.
It's nominated as a sea station of Hokkaido where a lot of boats amd yahchts.
There are shops and cafe in the Otaru marina so, you can take it easy with looking at the sea.
Would you like enjoy a beautiful piece of scenery in Otaru?
I'll introduce "Window Rock" course of boat crusing.
Let's start from "Otaru-port"
【Red Rock】
【Window Rock】


Wolud you like take a photo of this beautifu view?
Sometimes you can see sightseeing boat and kayak.
【Otamoi seaside】


It's impposible to go through from Otamoi parking to seaside because of falling stone.
You can see this view only from boat crusing.
【Todo Rock】
Emerald greean sea
You must be impressed by emerald green sea.
Let's make a beautiful memory with your family and friends.
I hope you enjoy it!
※Sometimes boatcrusing is canceled for bad weather.
Please check before coming.

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