Otaru Aquarium

Let's go to The Otaru Aquarium
"Otaru Aquarium" is .....
Re-creation of nature
Contact with nature
Experience of natural attraction
Useful fasility for cultivation of aesthetic sentiments
"Special summer exhibition" is took place!!
(17th of July ~ 22nd of August)
This is a unique opportunity to have a look bright marine creatures.
Please visit there with your family.
The main building
"Bronze Whaler Shark" showed up!!
You can meet him only here in Hokkaido.
He is a kind of man-eating shark.
The largest one will be 3 meters.
He has hard eyes nad ferocious shark but he is really popular for children!
"Special Exhibition" started from 17th of July.
There are not only over 100 Anemone fishes but also lovely fishes they soothe your mind.
"Special Exhibition" from 17th oh July to 22nd of Augustt
"Orange Sea Perch" get together!!
"Sealion park"
There're amazing shows of "Sealion", "Penguin" and "Seal" !!
Family of Walruses
Diving of Sealion
Closing one eye of Walruse
"Dolphin Stadudium"
Most popular show is....."Dolphin" !!
High jump !! and....."Sealion" !!

Talking time about Pelican.
"Special Exhibition" from 17th of July to 15th of August.
Sealion's baby was born in June. Please come to see her !
Please check "Otaru Aquarium" web site to get more information. (Access, show and event's time)→http://www.otaru-aq.jp/
Tourist information has leaflets of Otaru aquarium.
Please do not hesitate to visit us!

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