We visited "Tanaka Brewing" !

Hello! We'll introduce "Tanaka Shuzou". ※Tanaka shuzou...Tanaka sake brewing.
They're famous as sake of Otaru local brew.
"Takaragawa" (means treasure river)
This is japanese sake.
It receives a prize.
1,800ml...10,500 yen
720ml...5,250 yen
This is made from Hokkaido's rice.
It tastes fruity and mild.
The home brewing

Address...2-5, Ironai 3 chome, Otaru city

Tel...(0134) 23-0390

There are branch of Tanaka brewing.

The branh is named "Kikkougura".

The big business is sign.

This building was built from wood in 1927.
This is nominated as a histrical building.
They display old signboard, you must feel you're in hte old days.
They have many kinds of japanese sake.

Sweet one, dry one...etc.

If you hesitate about choice, staffs will help you.

You can try tasting.

Tanaka sake brewing produce new product one after another.

Some produsts have limitation.
"Cho shinsen shiboritate" (means really fresh)
It's fresh and fruity.
Kikkougura (The branch oh Tanaka brewing)

Address...2-2, Shinkou-town, Otarucity
Tel...(0134) 21-2390
This rocky warehouse was built in 1963. This is nominated as a histrical building as well.
The best feature of the branch is that you can look brewing.
We looked around with guiding about operation.
You can reserve factry tour on website.
"Otaru Junbei Natsu ginjo" (means summer's sake)
720ml...1,600 yen
Sale only in August.
This is made from Hokkaido's rice.
This sake is dry and goes well in summer.
Tanaka brewing website⇒ http://www.tanakashuzo.com/

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