Welcome to Otaru!!

Hi, I'm Yuko.
I'm working as a tourist information staff in Otaru and I take charge of foreign tourist.
I'll show you some interesting spots in Otaru.
If you come to Otaru by JR train, we can see you in Otaru JR station first.
This is tourist information of Otaru station and she is Ms.Takato
She will guide you kindly
In addition, there is JR information next to us, cool guys will attend to you:D☆
Don't you think so??

You can enjoy a lot of lamps in Otaru station.
This station has many old-time views, and it will be remodeled but old-time views as they are.
Are you interested in Otaru?
I'll introduce my recommendation of Otaru!
I hope you will enjoy them.
C u next time!!

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