Children's Day

Hello :)

It is the Golden Week now in Japan, which is a long public holiday starting from the beginning of  May.

And one of these hoidays is the Children's Day.
It is a national holiday on which all children, especially boys, are celebrated and their mothers are honoured.
The Children's Day is on 5th May every year, people eat a cake wrapped in bamboo leaves, and decorate rooms with carp kites or Japanese war helmet.

And we have that in the Canal plaza, too!

This is Japanese war helmet.

This is the cape kite.

And, I made a helmet with paper for UnGappa...

Can you see he's wearing it??
And I also made a pair of cape kites.
You can learn how to make it from me if you would come to the Canal plaza!:D

Maybe because it is the golden week, many people visit the canal plaza each days.
Thanks a lot :)


Flied Chicken Restaurant NARUTO


Today I'd like to tell you one of long-established restaurant in Otaru.
You know what??
We have many of great seafoods restaurants, but also other foods.

like... flied chicken! :P

The restaurn is named NARUTO.

I've been heard about this restaurant, so I went there to eat that famous flied chicken with my friend.

That's too bad this picture cannot tell you how big it is...!!!
But it look yummy, isn't it? X)
Though I love eating and I'm kind of a big eater, I couldn't eat them up. :(
My friend and I ordered set meals of this flied chicken.
The set meal is including the flied chicken, miso-soup, pickles, rice and tofu.
The price of the set meal is 1,100yen.
It was soooooo delicious and you may feel of fullness after a meal  :)
Please drop in at Naruto when you visit Otaru!


making LAMP WORK BEADS experience!

Hello :-)

Finally, Spring has come to Otaru.
The townscape of Otaru is really beautiful when it's sunny.
I really would like you to come to Otaru and see it once :)

By the way, I went to a glass studio with my friend short time ago...

to make lamp work beads!

The location we made lamp work beads is "Tombo-dama kan" of Taisho glass.
(Lamp work beads are called Tombo-dama in Japanese)
We decided to make lamp work beads with pattern of cherry blossom(limited time offer)  because it's spring.. haha:D

Please continue to read :)


Un Gappa came to the Canal Plaza :)


Yesterday, we had a really cute guest at the Canal Plaza.......

/ Hi~~~~~! \
Isn't he soooooo cute? :)
His name is Un Gappa(Otaru's local mascot), he is a kappa boy who lives in the canal.
He sometimes visits us and helps our interpretation work.

Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean and also Kappa-language were available here yesterday!


He got lots of love from people in Otaru yesterday,
seemed like he was really happy:)
(Though he has difficulty in expressing his feelings...haha)

 I would like all of you to drop in at the Canal Plaza when you come to Otaru by all means!
You might meet him:)


2013 Opning Information !!

Opening Information for 2013 Spring

 <Tourist facilities>

  The Iron Horse in Otaru museum

 ・Otaru Aquarium(☎ 0134-33-1400)
    2013 March 16 (Saturday) to November 30 (Saturday)
    No holidays during business term
    Winter business term : 2013 November 10 (Tuesday) to February 28 (Friday)

  ・Souenji Gohyakurakan(☎0134-22-7772)
    2013 April 1 (Monday) to October 31 (Thursday)
    No holidays during business term

 ・Otaru Nishin Goten (Herring Mansion)(☎0134-22-1038) 
    2013 April 6 (Saturday) to November 24 (Sunday)
    No holidays during business term

 ・Ibaragi-ke Nakadebari Banya(☎ 0134-26-6160)
    Tel. for holidays:080-4505-2424
    2013 April 26 (Friday) to October 20 (Sunday)
    open to the public only on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and national holidays

    open to the public everyday: 2013 April 26 (Friday) to May 6 (Monday)
                                                   2013 July 26 (Friday) to September 23(Monday)

    ・Otaru Temiya Dokutsu Hozonkan (Preservation of caves)(☎0134-24-1092)
    Inquiry to Otaru Museum : 0134-33-2523
    2013 April 27 (Saturday) to November 4 (Monday)
    closed every Tuesday (if the national holiday is on Tuesday, closed on Wednesday)

 ・Otaru Museum  (☎0134-33-2523)
    Summer business term : 2013 April 27 (Saturday) to November 4 (Monday)
    closed every Tuesday (if the national holiday is on Tuesday, closed on Wednesday)  
    You can look the rolling stock outside and the Iron horse starts to revolve.

 ・Asari Dam Memorial Hall(☎ 0134-52-0241)
   2013 April 27 (Saturday) to November 4 (Monday)
   No holidays during business term

 ・Otaru Nature Village (☎ 0134-25-1701)
     2013 May 1(Wednesday) to October 31(Thursday)

 ・Otaru City Noh theatre hall(☎ Cvic Center 0134-25-8800)
     2013 June 1 (Saturday) to the middle in August

 ・Former Suhara's residence
     2013 opening term is undecided because of building investigation.


     Cherry blossom in Temiya tree planting botanical garden

   ・Naebo Park Mori no Shizen kan (Nature hall) (☎ 0134-27-6061)
    2013 April 11 (Thursday) to November 10 (Sunday)
    closed on every Monday (if the national holiday is on Monday, closed on Tuesday) 

 ・Temiya Tree Planting Botanical Garden(☎0134-22-7773)
    2013 April 29 (Monday/Holiday) to November 3 (Sunday/Holiday)
    closed on every Monday (if the national holiday is on Monday, closed on the next day)


View from Otaru Canal cruising boat

 ・Otaru Coastal Cruise Ship(☎0134-29-3131)
    2013 April 26 (Friday) to October 14 (Monday/Holiday)

 ・Marine Wave Boat Cruising(☎ 0134-22-1311)
    2013 April 27 (Saturday) to October 14 (Monday/Holiday)
    Cruising service is available only on Saturday, Sunday and national holidays for April to June, September and October.
    In July and August, cruising service is availale everyday except Wednesday.

 ・Otaru Canal Crise(☎0134-31-1733)
   2013 April 27 (Saturday) to October 31 (Thursday)
   No holidays during business term

   We hope you'll enjoy trips in Otaru X-)