Children's Day

Hello :)

It is the Golden Week now in Japan, which is a long public holiday starting from the beginning of  May.

And one of these hoidays is the Children's Day.
It is a national holiday on which all children, especially boys, are celebrated and their mothers are honoured.
The Children's Day is on 5th May every year, people eat a cake wrapped in bamboo leaves, and decorate rooms with carp kites or Japanese war helmet.

And we have that in the Canal plaza, too!

This is Japanese war helmet.

This is the cape kite.

And, I made a helmet with paper for UnGappa...

Can you see he's wearing it??
And I also made a pair of cape kites.
You can learn how to make it from me if you would come to the Canal plaza!:D

Maybe because it is the golden week, many people visit the canal plaza each days.
Thanks a lot :)

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