Flied Chicken Restaurant NARUTO


Today I'd like to tell you one of long-established restaurant in Otaru.
You know what??
We have many of great seafoods restaurants, but also other foods.

like... flied chicken! :P

The restaurn is named NARUTO.

I've been heard about this restaurant, so I went there to eat that famous flied chicken with my friend.

That's too bad this picture cannot tell you how big it is...!!!
But it look yummy, isn't it? X)
Though I love eating and I'm kind of a big eater, I couldn't eat them up. :(
My friend and I ordered set meals of this flied chicken.
The set meal is including the flied chicken, miso-soup, pickles, rice and tofu.
The price of the set meal is 1,100yen.
It was soooooo delicious and you may feel of fullness after a meal  :)
Please drop in at Naruto when you visit Otaru!

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