Old map in Otaru

Hello, how are you??
Nowadays, so many tourists visit our city, thank you.
I have lots of opportunities to have a talk with people from overseas.
Also I'm received many kinds of questions, among them, sometime I'm asked "Do you have any old maps like that?" pointing a huge map on the wall in Canal Plaza (our tourist information center).

In Canal Plaza, many old pictures of Otaru are displayed on the wall with English explanations over the cafe area.

This is a map that is popular among visitors from foreign countries.

If you are interested in history, this map might be interesting.
We sell many kinds of postcards of Otaru, such as pictures' around Otaru canal, sceneries around Otaru, sketch and old pictures.
But we don't have any old map which we can give you for free.
And today, I visited a Otaru museum located next to our tourist information center, I found beautiful goods as souvenirs, that is...

 Postcard of Old map in Otaru for 100 yen each 


 Bandanna of Old map  for 600yen 

Interesting isn't it??
How about strolling around Otaru city with this old map and find changing between the past and the present?? :)


Otaru Mt.Tengu Festival

Hi, how's it going?
Otaru is still in summer, but the climate is mild and comfortable.
The highest degree is around 26 degrees these days.
And today, I'd like to introduce an event, held next weekend for 2days.
That is
"The 31st Otaru Mt.Tengu Festival"

Mt.Tengu is one of beautiful lookouts in Otaru.
You can get to the mountain top by rope way.
During this festival, some events are held at stages on the base and mountain top, such as music concert, balloon shows, quiz games and so on.
If you are planning for visit Otaru, how about add new plan to enjoy this festival??
Actually from today, we started selling special bus set tickets for this Tengu festival.

《Bus set Ticket》
Adult... 1,000yen
Child... 500yen
Includes Return ticket for Bus & Rope way
Normally, return fare of bus & rope way is 1,520yen, so it's 520yen profit!!

《Otaru Mt.Tengu Festival》
 ●25. Aug. 2012... 2pm ~8:30pm (6pm ~ opening ceremony)
 ●26. Aug. 2012. ..10am ~ 5pm
 Venues... Base of Mt.Tengu, Top of Mt.Tengu
 Access... 20min by Chuo-bus from Otaru station Chuo-bus terminal. Gate # 3, Bus # 9.

《Views from the mountain top》

  ◆ Daytime ◆


◆ Nighttime ◆

Please don't miss this amazing view!!


The favorite at Otaru Canal

The big summer event, "Otaru Ushio Festival" has finished, but we can see so many visitors these days.
Now, Japanese kids are in the middle of summer vacation. That's why, we see lots of families.
 If you are lucky, you may be able to see the favorite at Otaru Canal.
 He is... "Ungappa"!!

He is a new character of Otaru Canal.
I'll introduce you about his story next time★