Watch your head, please!

How are you??
When you stroll in Otaru, please watch your head! Because...↓↓
Some dangers on roofs. (These photos are Canal plaza's.)
In the daytime, the temperature rises and then, snows start to melt gradually.
There are many signboards saying "Caution! Snow falls!!"
So, please watch not only step but also head when you enjoy sightseeing in Hokkaido.


Snowboarding @ ONZE


There are three ski resorts in Otaru.

Mt.Tengu ski resort, Asarigawa hot spring ski resort and Snow cruise ONZE.

I went to last one, ONZE to snowboard.

ONZE opens earliest every year in Otaru because they can make artificial snow.

That's why, Otaru people can enjoy skiing, snowboarding and winter activity even if it's at the beginning of November.

I went there by pick-up bus ↓↓

This bus runs anout every two hours from Sapporo.


Hire goods

Ski run

View from a ski lift

Lovely landscape from the top of the mountain↑↑
I felt strange cause I enjoyed snowboarding but there was beautiful view of sea.
This ski resort is not so big one but it's good unknown spot for tourist to see beautiful view!! :)


The canal has frozen!

Otaru is below the freezing point everyday.
I took this photo a few days ago.
Please look at it carefully.
The Otaru canal has frozen.
We can see frozen canal only in really cold day.
We call this condition of canal "Hasu-ha-gori". (Ice of lotus's leaves.)
It means "Pancake ice","plate ice".
This shape of ice looks like lotus's leaf, doesn't is??


New costume!

Finally, "Bun-ko" got new costume!
He looks cool isn't he??

Please come to see me!!


Wanted: Cool Costume!

Do you remember about him?
He is "Bun-ko".(A dog who was in full activity in fore fighting. You can meet his statue in front of Canal plaza.)
During the term of "Otaru Long Christmas", "Bun-ko" had been wearing Santa's costume (made by Ms.Yoshida) but now, he doesn't have cool clothes.
Ms.Yoshida is thinking about his new costume because it's really cold in Otaru. (The highest temperature was 5 degrees below zero today!!)
He is wearing only scarf around his neck now.
If you have a nice idea of his costume, please post it to me:)

Give me your idea for my costume!!


Our new staff of Tourist information!!

Hello, how are ya?
I'll introduce our new staff to you.
She is going to work only in winter.
She is really cute but cold...
She is already popular for tourists that's why she is always busy to take photos with tourists.
I'll show you her face...↓↓


Cute!! Isn't she???

Her parents are Information staffs and photo studio's staffs.

These photos are processes of her birth.

Ms.Yoshida(Tourist information staff. Main mom.) starts to make a body.

On the other hand, Mr.Nakagawa makes a head.

Mr.Nakagawa(Photo studio's staff. Main dad.)
This head grew up bigger gradually.
And then they brought the head to the body together.

Ummm...still her shape is strange...

Mr.Nakagawa tried to make her more beautiful. (He continued to caress her head:))

Finally, our new lovely staff was born!!!

She became popular.

In the night time, she becomes sexy surrounded by romantic snow lights.

If you have a good idea about her name, please post your comment on my page.

I'm looking forward to your idea!!!


The Japanese New Year!

A happy new year!!

How are you doing?? :)

I got new year's holiday 3 days, so I really enjoyed spending time with my family.

I'll show you some scenery of Japanese new year.

This is "Kagami-mochi".(Rice cake and mandarin orange)

Japanese people lay this "Kagami-mochi" on many places(house, workplace, garage and so on.)

This rice cake is sacrament for Japanese people.

I took this photo at the Otaru station.

If you come to Otaru in New Year's Holidays, you will see many kinds of "Kagami-mochi" at lots of places.

This decoration is also sacred and special thing of Japanese New Year.

We can see this decoration in front of the Otaru station.