Watch your head, please!

How are you??
When you stroll in Otaru, please watch your head! Because...↓↓
Some dangers on roofs. (These photos are Canal plaza's.)
In the daytime, the temperature rises and then, snows start to melt gradually.
There are many signboards saying "Caution! Snow falls!!"
So, please watch not only step but also head when you enjoy sightseeing in Hokkaido.


  1. Hello! I stumbled on your blog looking for images of Otaru. I visited there last year mid-February and found it to me an amazing town!

    Yes, those icicles look quite scary! Thanks for sharing and keep warm!

  2. Thank you for your comment☆
    I'm glad og your impression of Otaru.
    Now we have amazing event! "Otaru snow light path"!
    I want you to have a look it!!