Snowboarding @ ONZE


There are three ski resorts in Otaru.

Mt.Tengu ski resort, Asarigawa hot spring ski resort and Snow cruise ONZE.

I went to last one, ONZE to snowboard.

ONZE opens earliest every year in Otaru because they can make artificial snow.

That's why, Otaru people can enjoy skiing, snowboarding and winter activity even if it's at the beginning of November.

I went there by pick-up bus ↓↓

This bus runs anout every two hours from Sapporo.


Hire goods

Ski run

View from a ski lift

Lovely landscape from the top of the mountain↑↑
I felt strange cause I enjoyed snowboarding but there was beautiful view of sea.
This ski resort is not so big one but it's good unknown spot for tourist to see beautiful view!! :)

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