Our new staff of Tourist information!!

Hello, how are ya?
I'll introduce our new staff to you.
She is going to work only in winter.
She is really cute but cold...
She is already popular for tourists that's why she is always busy to take photos with tourists.
I'll show you her face...↓↓


Cute!! Isn't she???

Her parents are Information staffs and photo studio's staffs.

These photos are processes of her birth.

Ms.Yoshida(Tourist information staff. Main mom.) starts to make a body.

On the other hand, Mr.Nakagawa makes a head.

Mr.Nakagawa(Photo studio's staff. Main dad.)
This head grew up bigger gradually.
And then they brought the head to the body together.

Ummm...still her shape is strange...

Mr.Nakagawa tried to make her more beautiful. (He continued to caress her head:))

Finally, our new lovely staff was born!!!

She became popular.

In the night time, she becomes sexy surrounded by romantic snow lights.

If you have a good idea about her name, please post your comment on my page.

I'm looking forward to your idea!!!

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