Otaru town hall and Noh playing hall

We visited Koukaido (Town hall) and Nohgakudo (※Noh playing hall). ※Noh...Japanese traditional opera. We went there as a group of 20 people and a staff guided us particular inside these buildings. (We reserver before) We thought this exhibition is only during summer, but we can look around there all year around.

(Noh playing hall is unavailable ony in winter because of snow fence)
◆Otaru Town Hall◆
In 1911, Otaru town hall was built as a "Hotel" in represent civic hall for the Enperor (He was crown prince at the time) by Yokichi Fujiyama's donation. Otaru city relocated it to Hanazono in 1960.

◆Noh playing hall◆

In 1926, Mr, Ken Okazaki built Noh playing hall in his courtyard as a rare style.It's relocated to present place accompanies relocation of town hall.

☆These arts have never been repainted.


When we visited there, it was rainy and staff taught us that it's hard to have a look Noh playing hall from outside so, we went on stage specially by grace of his kindness.

◆Summer Exibition is opening now◆
30th of May to 5th of September

"Noh" making school

Experience of making model (Making model of "Noh" stage)

Date: 12/8/2010(Thu)

Time: 9:00~11:00

Fee: 300 yen

The numbers: Limited 20 people

Place: Town hall room No.3


Ad...2-9-10, Hanazono. Otarucity

Tel...(0134) 22-8713

Fax...(0134) 33-8713


World Exhibition of Noh

Exhibition of panel. instruments and Noh mask about history.

Date: 12/8/2010~29/8/2010

Time: 10:00~16:30

Entry fee: Free

Place: Otaru town hall

World of Noh Mask=Otaru Noh Lecture=

Date: 21/8/2010

Time: 11:00~12:00

Entry fee: Free

Place: Kyuu Okazakike noubutai (Former Okazaki's Noh stage)

Town hall web site↓


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