Japanese wind-bells FUURIN

Hello :)

What is the feature of summer in your country?
Here in Japan, we have some of them such as...

Fuurin is a wind-bell, and Japanese people have been loving the sound of it for a long time.
We can feel the coolness by the sound in hot summer!

Because we'll have a big summer festival named "Ushio-matsuri" in Otaru, we sell the original fuurins in a limited quantity at canal plaza.

The original fuurin is chosen according to ballot.
This year, fuurin which is made in STUDIO J-45 was chosen and release now.

This is it!
How beautiful it is..... :)

These are all made by hand, so the sounds of them are different.
Of course the pattern of fuurins are different, too!
You can choose your favorite one.

We sell them at International information center.
Please drop in at canal plaza and see them once by all means!

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