Oktoberfest in Otaru Soko No.1(Otaru beer house)


  In this hot days  we have the Oktoberfest in Otaru soko No.1 

where is a local beer factory in Otaru..

  Operation plan is from 11th Sep to 15th Sep.

  In those days  you can eat some German cuisines.

  Like Schweinshaxe (a roasted ham hock),  roasted mackerel

 and so on. Each of cuisines have good collocation with  Otaru 


In Oktoberfest, we provide the special Germany beer named 

"Fest beer".

   We not only have beer and delicacies, and we invited 

『Edertaler Spitzbuben』 who is very famous

band in Germany.They will do the Live  at the canal cruise and

Otaru beer house.

Edertaler Spitzbuen`s live on Otaru canal

So, did you want to drink beer with us in Otaru? (≧∀≦)

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