Do you know "Ankake Yakisoba"?

Talking of Otaru's gourmet, Sushi is the most famous food, but these days "Ankake Yakisoba" attracts attention. "Ankake Yakisoba" is fried noodle with thick starch sauce like this...↓↓

You can enjoy many kinds of vegetables and seafood with fried noodle. It's quite popular and lots of restaurants (not only Chinese restaurants but also hotels, ramen shops and coffee shops) have this menu in Otaru. In addition, a interesting event will be held from tomorrow for 2 months named "Ankake Stamp Rally". Let's collect stamps at each restaurant and get meal ticket!! Term: 15th April ~ 15th June Present: Collect 5 stamps...500 yen meal ticket for 50 winners by lot. Collect all 9 stamps...3,000 yen meal ticket for 20 winners by lot. Tourist information center has stamp form↓↓

Please ask us about "Ankake Yakisoba" and try them!!:)

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