Welcome inspection party from Taiwan:) wz Kimono

Hello, how are you

Today, an inspection party from Taiwan visited Otaru!!

They gave us wonderful messages. They hope that Hokkaido's tourism industry becomes cheerful as soon as possible.

We would like to do our best, thanks for coming to Otaru.

In addition, I got good chance to experience Japanese culture to welcome them.

That is...wearing Kimono.

Kimono is Japanese traditional clothes and you might think it's difficult to wear but there's nice shop in Otaru.

Name is "Otome no kimono" (乙女のきもの).

This shop has many kinds of antique Kimono, little items, Japanese old bags, hair accessories and so on. They sell Kimono from 1,000 yen (about US$10) and has rental Kimono too.

Of course they help you to wear Kimono.

Would you like to stroll in Otaru wearing Kimono and feeling good old atmosphere of Otaru??

Welcome to Otaru!!

Inspection party from Taiwan:)

Inside the shop "Otome no Kimono"

Many old little items

Me with Kimono

Everybody were ready with Happi coat:)
Umm...strange pose:-P

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