Loss at Kiroro...

A few days ago, I have experienced amazing thing. Actually, it's much to my shame but I did want to tell it!!
I've visited "Kiroro ski resort" with my friend. It's one of my favorite ski resorts in Hokkaido.
There are lots of routes, and we chose the easiest route for beginners.
The route was really quiet, not crowded,gentle slope, and great deal of nature, as if we were enjoying snowboarding in deep forests.
 Some skiers and snowboarders stopped in the middle of course and enjoyed the view.
 We enjoyed the quiet course as well, we tried to go on fresh powder and sometimes fell down on the ground.
 When I took a rest in the middle of the course, I realizes I had lost my mobile!
OH, I forgot to zip my pocket!!:-O
My friend put in a call to my mobile...ring ring
ring, but nobody answered.
We went up to the mountaintop again, and made a phone call again..."Hello?"...!!
A kind lady found and picked up it. After that, she got it to information desk in Kiroro ski resort.
I'm really grateful to the lady and I'm sorry for making trouble such a foolish miss.
I felt a renewed feeling that there are many warm-hearted people in Hokkaido...
and I'll take care myself more to not to do such a ashamed thing any more...:-P

Kiroro Resort...↓

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