Otaru Kihinkan (The Old Aoyama Villa)

  It is generally known that Otaru is prospered by herring, so Herring Mansion is very popular in Hokkaido. Herring Mansion is called of Nishin Goten in Japanese.

   I have been to the Old Aoyama Villa with my friends. It is a splendid villa in the mountain where we can see beautiful flowers in summer and autumn.
(Photos took by June)

Winter in Hokkaido is very cold, but if you go to the Otaru Kihinkan, you will see the special scenery for your heart-warming. The golden world! I have seen the similar interior decoration in China, so it is very impressive to me. 

   I am looking forward to the snow-covered landscape looked down at The Old Aoyama Villa this year. Would you like to go with me?   Waiting for you!

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