Three Major Night Views of HOKKAIDO

   Welcome to HOKKAIDO!!!!
   Would you know the Three Major Night Views of HOKKAIDO ? They are night views of  OTARU Tengu Mountain, SAPPORO Moiwa Mountain and HAKODATE Mountain. Have you been to these spots? 

  Night View from OTARU Tengu Mountain.

  The night view is main of residential street because there are just about 120,000 people in Otaru, but it can give you a so quiet environment to enjoy special view in Otaru. 
  Night View from SAPPORO Moiwa Mountain 

  It looks similar with Otaru but  different. Night view from SAPPORO Moiwa Mountain is focus on skyscrapers but residential buildings are the main in Otaru.

  Night View from HAKODATE Mountain 

   HAKODATE Mountain is different from SAPPORO and OTARU  because of its shape. Does it look like the alphabet "X" ? 

 Would you want to enjoy the "Three Major Night Views of HOKKAIDO" by yourself ? By the way, it will snow heavily in winter in HOKKAIDO, if you can take some photos of snowy night view, please show them to us ? Waiting for your coming.

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