Glass Market

This is the other information during a big summer event "Otaru Ushio Festival".
From July 27 to 29, "The 4th Otaru Glass Market" will be held.
Otaru has old railway, named "Former Temiya Railway".
If you come to Otaru by JR train, you will find it soon after 5 minutes walk to the canal. This railway had a lively time when Otaru prospered as a trading port. And still now, it's left and has walkway along itself.
Honestly speaking, there is nothing special, just there are old railway, walkway, trees and benches, but I like the quiet and peaceful atmosphere.
At the place, beautiful glass market appears.
Surprisingly, real kiln for glass making will be placed here, and visitors can try making glass themselves.
Please have a look when you come to Otaru during "Ushio Festival".

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