Romantic Event from Tomorrow!!

Special winter event "OTARU LONG XMAS" is held. (Nov.11th~Dec.25th)

This event has many kinds of plans.

I will introduce the details of them today.

Message Tree

-Nov.11th~Dec.25th @ Canal Plaza & Mt.Tengu-

A huge Christmas tree, 4 meters in height, is placed in Canal Plaza & Mt.Tengu.

We sell small Christmas tree for 500 yen.

After your wiring on message card, hang it on the small Christmas tree and put on the huge

Christmas tree.

You might get your wish.

Glass Arts Exhibition

-Nov.11th~Dec.25th @ Canal Plaza-

Ten Otaru's local glass studios exhibit their beautiful glass works.

Floating Glass Tree

-Nov.11th~Dec.25th @ Canal Plaza-

About 300 floating glasses become a huge tree!

I will post the picture of the tree later on.

Please have a look it!

The 3rd Sakaimachi Street Cream Puff Fair

-Dec.3rd~11th @ Sakaimachi Street-

Four cake shops on Sakaimachi street (Amato canal branch, Gin no Kane and LeTAO) provide special cream puff during this term.

Romantic Stamp Rally(Game of collecting stamps)


Let's collect stamps at each shops, restaurants, hotels and so on in Otaru, and get wonderful presents!

The 1st Sakaimachi Street Sushi Roll Fair


Five sushi restaurants (Otaru Tatsumizushi Hanazono branch & Sakaimachi branch, Fujizushi Otaru branch, Kitanoryoba Otaru canal branch and Sushi Saikou) provide special sushi roll menus.

Others, lots of facilities in Otaru provide unique and limited original menus during this event. I'm going to post them little by little frequently.

Please don't miss them!!:)

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