The Former Matabei Endo Residence

Every year in May, for one week only, the Former Matabei Endo Residence is open to the public free of charge. Built in 1902 during the Meiji era, this mansion combines both Japanese and Western-style architecture. It was designated as the fourth historical landmark by the City of Otaru in 1985 and received the Otaru Landscape Award in 1995.

This is a must-see if you're interested in architecture, or if you'll be in the area, stop by and take advantage of this rare opportunity as it's only open to the public for one week a year!

May 15 (Sun)  ~  May 22 (Sun)

10:00  ~ 15:00

Admission:  FREE

9-4 1 Chome, Tomioka, Otaru

Former Endo Residence - Google Map

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