Countdown events for New Year

There are some great opportunities for the countdown party to New year in Otaru.

I'll introduce you them today.

With delicious local beer!

【Countdown 2012】

Time: 2011/Dec.31. 8pm ~ 2012/Jan.1. 5pm

Place: Otaru-soko No.1 (Otaru's local beer brewery)

Access: 15 minutes walk from JR Otaru station.

★This brewery is located along the Otaru canal, which has good restaurant with stage for concerts too. Dance and music shows will be held from 8pm. They sell advance eat & drink ticket for 2,000yen. (Face value is 2,500yen)

Website: http://otarubeer.com/jp/

With delicious Japanese sake!

【Tanaka Sake brewery "Yuku sake Kuru sake 2012"】

Time: 2011/Dec.31. 11pm ~ 2012/Jan.1. 2am

Place: Tanaka Sake brewery Kikkogura branch

Access: 40 minutes walk from JR Otaru station. 15 minutes walk from Minami Otaru station.

There is no bus around this time.

Taxi...from Otaru station, 10minutes.

from Minami Otaru station, 5minutes.

★They offer first Japanese sake of the year. You can enjoy "Herring soba (noodle)", rice cake and so on.

Website: http://www.tanakashuzo.com/

See the first sunrise of the year!

【Mt.Tengu Rope way】

Time: Run from 2012/Jan.1. 6:30am

Place: Mountaintop of Mt. Tengu

Access: Special bus runs for the first sunrise from Chuo-bus Otaru station terminal. It takes about 20minutes to the base of Mt. Tengu.

Bus Timetable... 6:30, 6:36, 6:42, 6:48, 6:54, 7:00, 7:06, 7:12, 7:18, 7:24, 7:30, 7:36, 7:42, 7:48, 7:54, 8:00, 8:12, 8:24, 8:36, 8:48

★They provide free hot soup with rice cake from 7am, limited for 100 visitors.

Website: http://www.cks.chuo-bus.co.jp/tenguyama/

Otaru is quite cold place but would you like to enjoy a great new year in Otaru?

Thank you for your reading my blog this year.

I will do my best more for this blog next year.

I wish you a bright and successful New Year :)

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