Is this similar to your country's??

Hi:) It's sudden though, do you know that red thing on this photo? Actually this is Japanese mailbox. However this mailbox is not recent design. Many Japanese people will feel nostalgic when they see it. This mailbox is in Canal plaza and still actively working. We sell postcards of Otaru's view and it's possible to send them from Canal plaza.


  1. I don't think there are any mailboxes like that one anywhere outside Japan.

    Mailboxes (usually yellow or blue where I live) are nowadays a rare sight in my country. 90% of all snail mail are bills and other commercial mail. The rest, stuff like brochures, invitations, spam, messages to Santa and some personal letters. Most people communicate via cellphone calls and SMS, also by e-mail when they have to send digital documents.

    I don't think we experience the same nostalgic feel over stuff like mailboxes, telegrams and the like. But then, our city infrastructure is plain and boring, not cute and endearing like that you have in Japan.

    And the latter makes you all a special breed, unique in the world.

  2. Thank you for your comment!
    Your comment is quite interesting for me. I didn't pay attention to the mailboxes when I visited foreign countries. So, I didn't even know about color of mailbox.
    In these days, Japanese people also don't send snail mail so often but as one of Japanese traditional culture, we send New year's card for greeting and praying health and peace.

    Otaru city has still lots of old and traditional things, facilities, views and so on.
    I will continue to introduce these wonderful part of Otaru on this blog.