Having a happy weekend with your children.

 Hello everyone! Would you be worried about the place to play with your children at weekend ? Please come to Canal Plaza on 28th Feb,2016. We will hold a happy event for your children.

 2016.2.28 Sun 10:30-15:00  Admission Free
Otaru Canal Plaza Gallery 
 (There is no free parking here. Please use bus or paying parking around here.)

  Mini Sports Meeting for Vehicle Competition and Devour Competition
        AM→11:30〜   PM→13:30〜   Capacity→each one for 50 people

     ♥Toy made of wood
        windup doll, roller doll, playing house, train and so on

     ♥Special Corner
       Athletics, Go Go Driving
     ♥Game from old days
       Beanbag, Bamboo Spatulas, Folded Paper

   Waiting for your coming with your children this weekend.

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