Saunter in Otaru ♯3~Otaru coastal footpath~

Hi, how are you? Finally I could go to climb a mountain in Otaru!! The weather was bad recently so, I worried about it. I went to "Otaru coastal footpath" with Ms.Yoshida and Ms.Kasahara. (She is a staff of ice cream shop Misshu house.) I'll show you Otaru's beautiful views today.

This is a bus stop named "Chuo-douri". It takes about 5 minutes from Otaru station. We took a bus from here bound for "Kamome danchi".

This is a local bus. Many local people in Otaru use it. You can enjoy local atmosphere.

I'll let you know how to get a bus.

In the charge of the bus of Otaru, most places are 210 yen.

Please press a button before you get off to let a bus driver know.

When you get of the bus, just put your fare to coin box

We got off the bus at this bus stop "Akaiwa 2 chome".

It takes 20 minutes from this bus stop to the entrance of Otaru coastal footpath.

On this way, we really enjoyed beautiful nature. We might see bears so, I borrowed a bell from Ms.Yamamoto to avoid them.

This is a signboard and map at the entrance↓↓


We enjoyed beautiful views of sea on the way...

This area is called "Aka-iwa" (Aka-iwa means "Red rock"), so we could see red ground and rocks.

Ms.Kasahara(left) and Ms.Yoshida

"Mado iwa" (means "window rock")

Though they were on the sheer clift, we saw many mysterious statues.

It's me in "Shukutsu panorama observatory".

We have map of Otaru coastal footpath in each tourist informations.

Please visit us to get it:-)

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