"Rakugo" and "Soba"

Hello, how are you?
I enjoyed traditional Japanese culture yesterday:)
Have you ever heard "Rakugo"??
We write, "落語" in the Chinese character(Kanji).
"Rakugo" is a kind of Japanese traditional entertainment.
We see the man who is sitting on the special stage and he tells us funny stories by playing various people and gestures.

Usually he wears "Kimono" when he do "Rakugo".
He is a comedian in English.
We call him "Rakugoka" in Japanese.
There are many "Rakugoka" in Japan and we can enjoy "Rakugo" on TV too.
I got a chance to enjoy "Rakugo" and "Soba" at a time in Otaru.
The Soba restaurant's name is "Yabuhan".

This event is held every year at "Yabuhan".
This Soba resturant has really old and wonderful atmosphere.

It takes 5 minutes from Otaru station by walk.
So, I decided to visit there after work with Ms.Yamamoto.
Sometime it might be difficult to understand for young people even if they are Japanese people because "Rakugoka" uses expression of old times.
ButI really enjoyed his stories.
In addition this soba was made with seaweeds that's why it looks green a little.
Everybody enjoyed Japanese Sake together.


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