Saunter in Otaru ♯4~Lunch at Aotsuka restaurant~

After climbing the mountain, we were starving...:-O We decided to have a lunch at "Aotsuka restaurant".

"Aotsuka restaurant" is located quite near from the mountain where we climbed. You can enjoy many kinds of seafood at this restaurant. There is a "Otaru quarium" as well. If you would like to enjoy Otaru's seafood, I recommend to eat "Herring".

Um...good smell. We ordered herring set meal. Do you know what these foods are?


②Miso soup of scallop's young shell

③Grilled herring

④Seaweed boiled in soy sauce

⑤Salted squid guts

⑥Pickled vege

We were greatly pleased about this taste!!:)

We went to Otaru museum next...

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