Otaru saunter ♯5~Otaru museum~

After having a lunch, we visited "Otaru museum". We took a bus from the bus stop in front of "Otaru aquarium". It takes about 20 minutes to reach. We enjoyed a view of the sea.

This is a entrance of Museum.

There is a real steam locomotive right after coming in.
I took this photo wearing former costume of station attendant.

Good atmosphere...

Many plates...
There are explanations of Otaru's railroad not only in Japanese but also in English and Russian.

You can enjoy planetarium and studying about mysterious of chemistry.

There are exhibitions of railroad outside too.

I'm excited!!

You can experience to get on this steam locomotive in summer.
Some staffs were maintaining steam locomotive on that day.

Do you know what this woody one is?

Actually this is a snow blower.

The steam locomotive runs pushing this snow blower in winter.
I found a interesting manhole.

Usually we see sea otter's sculpture on Otaru's manhole but we saw steam locomotive's sculpture only in museum.
Otaru had the third oldest railroad in Japan.
That's why, there is a museum of railroad.
In addition, Otaru still keep the line as it is. (It's named "Temiya" railway. It takes only 5 minutes from Otaru station.)
Nowadays, it's one of stroll courses.
I'll show you some interesting goods of railroad.

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