Saunter in Otaru ♯2~Asahi observatory~

After leaving the "Catholic Tomioka church"(it takes 15 minutes from the Otaru station on foot.), we went to "Asahi observatory".

This signboard says 2 kilo meters from the "Tomioka church".
Otaru is called "Town of slope" as well.

This sign says "Hell slope".
This slope is like the hell... because this slope is covered with heavy snow in winter and we should walk this slope even if we are hot in summer.
We went up this "Hell slope" and arrived the entrance to the mountain.

This gate will be closed during winter because of heavy snow. (It will be closed in 26th of November.)

This area is a wildlife protection area of Hokkaido.

We really enjoyed fresh air and various plants.

After 30 minutes, finally we arrived at "Asahi observatory"!!!

Usually, we can enjoy red leaves in this season, but they were hot days everyday in last summer.

So, still the mountain in Otaru was green.

I'll show you old traditional building next time☆★☆ 

C ya!!:-)

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