Shako Festival in Otaru!

Shako Festival in Otaru will be held!!
Shako…"Shako" is a kind of crustaceam and similar to prawn. Mantis prawn.

In spring and autum, it will be in season.

Normaly, we boil and eat it.

The third Shako Festival in Otaru will be held for 2 days(20~21/11/2010) in the canal park (3 chome, Ironai, Otaru city).

This event expect that "Shako" gains its publicity and become brand.

You can enjoy stew of "Shako" and grilled "Shako", these menues are annual and popular.

"The Otaru winter seafood festival" will be held at the same time.

They will sell processed seafood and have new project.

【Challenge from "Shako-jiro"】

~The first project of collaboration with Otaru commercial school~

"Shako-jiro"...This is a character of this festival.

High school students in Otaru have produced him.

This festival has Panel exhibition, you can enjoy quiz as well with it. If you join this quiz event, you'll be able to get badge of "Shako-jiro". They're limited for 200 people. In addtion, you can enjoy "Shako" food in participating restaurant in Otaru.

Every restaurant has their own "Shako" menu.

《Participating Restaurant》
Minshuku Aotsuka restaurant, Japanese noodle Jikkenzaka, Herring palace Otaru Kihinkan (Guest house), Otaru Japanese noodle Yabuhan, Ajikoubou Kamaei, Authent Hotel Otaru (3F Japanese food Irihune), Japanese noodle&Sukiyaki Otaru Sakurazaka, Otaru Tatsumi sushi Honazono branch, Otaru tatsumi sushi Sakaimachi branch, Otaru Masa sushi (main), Spicy korean stew Chigechipu, Hotel Neuschloss Otaru, Steamed fish albino paste food Soukichi, Otaru warehouse No.1, Shirokuma restaurant (in winkel village), GOLDSTONE CAFE, Otaru Asarigawa hotspring Hotel Musashitei (Only for quests who stay in), Otaru Ryotei Kuramure (Only for guests who stay in)

Date:20th(Sat), 21st(Sun)/11/2010


Place:Canal Park (3chome, Ironai,Otaru city)

Auspices:Otaru fishermen's cooperative, Otaru committee (to make "Shako" become brand)

For inquiries:Otaru tourism association (Tel.0134-33-2510), Otaru fishermen's cooperative (Tel.0134-27-3138)

Let's have a fun!!!

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