What is "Otaru Snow Light Path"?

"Otaru Snow Light Path" is took place at many places in Otaru city.

There are four main venues that the canal which has supported the development of Hokkaido, The Japan's third railway-The former Temiya Railway, one of the three best nightscapes in Hokkaido-Mt.Tengu, and Asarigawa Onsen area with hot spring and ski resort.

In frigid February, lots of volunteers (not only local people but also many foreign volunteers) take part in this event to make Otaru city romantic by candle light and snow arts with warm hearts.

One of sights you should see is several hundred of floating glass candles on the surface of the canal.

These glass balls were used for herring fishery in previous times.

We will get this event started with opening ceremony and during the period, many kinds of events are held at each venues.

I'll introduce them in derail by little and little.

Have fun!!

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