Making Wax Bowl

Hi, how are you?

Have you ever heard "Wax Bowl"?

Wax Bowl is quite important thing for our winter event, "Otaru Snow Light Path".

It is a kind of Candle Pot made from wax.

During this event, lots of this Wax Bowl are placed along each lighting path.

I did try making this Wax Bowl with my friends. Volunteers taught us how to make it.

First, do you know what are there in this huge pot?

Actually, this is melted wax which is around 70 degrees.

Let's put the balloon of water!

After repeating for 15 minutes, it becomes thick layers of wax.

Remove the balloon by cutting, cut the mouth of wax bowl to make its look better.

And then put beautiful pressed flowers on the surface of Wax Bowl and coat with melted wax by brush.

We got finished!!

I lit up it at my house.

Lovely isn't it?

Would you like to try making wax bowl?

During this event, you can try it at ease.

Place: Office of Otaru Snow Light Path Planning Committee (Otaru Literary Museum Bldg.)

Time: 18:00~20:00 (Feb. 3~12)

Charge: 800yen

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