Four main venues of Otaru Snow Light Path

Hello, how are you?

The snow came on in Otaru.

I'll introduce you about four main venues of

"Otaru Snow Light Path"


Feb 3(Fri) ~12(Sun)

Four Main Venues

☆1. Temiya Railway Venue

Access: 5 minutes walk from JR Otaru station.

◆There are many kinds of snow statues such as snow slide, snow tunnel, Ice bar, and so on. Also you can get official goods of this event at this venue. Many volunteers will let you know how to make WAX BOWL here.(Wax Bowl is a kind of special candle for this event.)

☆2. Canal Venue

Access: 10 minutes walk from JR Otaru station.

◆I think the scene of this venue is the most famous because lots of guide book, postcards, leaflets and posters use the picture of Canal Venue. Several hundreds of Floating Glass Candles are floated on the surface of the canal by volunteers. It's amazing view.

☆3. Mt.Tengu Venue

Access: 20 minutes by bus from JR Otaru station bus terminal. 5 minutes to the mountain top by ropeway. Bus fare 210yen. Ropeway fare 1,100yen. Bus#9, Gate#3.

◆One of attractions of Mt.Tengu is the heart shaped tree.

☆4. Asarigawa Onsen Venue

Access: 30 minutes by bus from JR Otaru station bus terminal. Bus fare 320 yen. Bus#13, Gate#2.

◆A number of candles are lit up along the Asari river. Asarigawa Onsen is a hot spring area in Otaru. During this event, you can get 100 yen discount for bathing charge by our official guide book. Lots of facilities have this guide book, please don't forget to get it for your visit.

I'm going to keep posting special information of

"Otaru Snow Light Path".

Have Fun!!

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