Japanese Traditional Girl's Festival

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Have you ever seen these kinds of dolls in the above picture?

In Japan, there is a special festival for girls.

The festival for girls is held on March 3 which is called "Hina Matsuri" (Matsuri means festival).

It is held to pray for young girl's growth and happiness.

Lots of Japanese girls have dolls named "Hina Ningyo" (Ningyo means doll) and from a few days before of the festival, they display them in their houses.

Now, we are having an event named "Hina Meguri" (Meguri means looking around) in tribute to the girl's festival, and you can see lots of "Hina Ningyo" everywhere in Otaru.

Our three tourist informations have Map of "Hina Meguri".

Please don't forget to get it when you walk around Otaru:)

Also you can get special gift or discount at many facilities in Otaru with this map.

"Hina Meguri" Festival

Term... Feb 11 ~ Mar 4

Places you can see dolls... 50 places in Otaru. Please find pink color's flag in front of facilities. This is a sign of Hina Dolls.

During this event, some glass shops and souvenir shops sell pretty pottery Hina dolls and Glass Hina dolls.

Have fun ★★★

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