Otaru Long Xmas 2012

An annual event started this year too.
Actually, this event will be final, entitled
"Otaru Long Xmas 2012 final".

For this event Otaru tourism association is preparing wonderful plans.
Today, I'll let you know about them.
Floating Glass Ball Tree
 This tree is made from about 300 glass balls. But these glass balls are special for us because every year in February, these glass balls are floated on the water surface of Otaru canal with candles inside them. During the Christmas days, we use them as parts of Christmas tree.

Venue : Canal Plaza
Access : 10 minutes walk from JR Otaru station
Period : Nov.11 ~ Dec.25
Lighting : 4pm ~ 0am

Message Tree
By mini-tree with visitors' message, we are going to complete the Christmas tree of four meters tall. We sell this mini-tree for 500 yen each.
Venue① : Canal Plaza
Access : 10 minutes walk from JR Otaru station
Period : Nov.11 ~ Dec.25
Business hours : 9am ~ 7pm (On Friday, Saturday and Sunday during this event, and Dec.19 ~ 25, opens until 8pm)
Venue② : Top of Mt, Tengu
Access : Take a bus from Chuo-bus Otaru station terminal. Gate # 3. Bus # 9. Required time is about 20 minutes, then change to the ropeway, takes about 5 minutes to the mountaintop.
Period : Nov.17 ~
Business hours : 9am ~ 9pm
Glass Arts Exhibition
11 Glass studios in Otaru exhibit beautiful works. You can enjoy them soon after you arrive at Otaru and through the ticket gate.
Venue : JR Otaru station yard
Period : Nov.11 ~ Dec.25

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