Free Wi-Fi @ Canal Plaza

Hello, how are you?
I have a good information for visitors to Otaru.
I've been asked by tourists like "Is there any free Wi-Fi spots?" but answer was "No..." until recently.
However, actually our tourist information center (International information center) has introduced free Wi-Fi and became quite convenient!!

How to connect FREESPOT

ChooseWifiON】→【FREESPOTon setting page
Open a browser page, and go to the authenticating page.
    Choose one of the followings.

(1)2 hours by e-mail authentication

(2)6 months by e-mail authentication and acceptance of ads e-mail.
           ※Recommend to use Mobile e-mail address. E-mail address which can’t to be used without browser is not available.
           ※Password will be sent to your registered e-mail address.

(3)10 minutes without registration of e-mail address.
           ※After time-out, it can be used 3 hours later again.

Check the Terms and Conditions, chooseAgreeorDo not agree
 After markAgree, please clickSubmit

We're looking forward to seeing you at Canal Plaza!! :)

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