Falling star at Otaru canal?? ~Otaru Long Xmas~

I've introduced about a Christmas event in Otaru, "Otaru Long Xmas 2012 final" before, and today, I'm going to let you know the other main feature project.
The name of the project is...
"Christmas Story Winter Falling Star (冬の流星) "
You might have thought "Eh? Can we see falling stars at the sky around Otaru canal?" but No, we will be able to see them on the surface of Otaru canal.
Please look at this picture
Amazing, isn't it??
Actually this is a composite picture :-P This is an image for new project.
For three days in Christmas days,  float LED light bulbs (named Praying star 祈り星) on the Otaru Canal, make romantic star-filled night sky.

 Image of "Praying star 祈り星"
 ●What is "Praying star" ?
"Praying star" is the LED light bulb of 8.5 cm diameters with people's wishes and look like stars in the night sky. It starts lighting-up by taking on water, and has rechargeable battery and solar panel. Good for environment.
● "How can we float Praying star"?
First of all you need to get a ticket for it.
From today, we're selling tickets for floating Praying stars. Details
Praying Star Ticket
Can be purchased at Canal Plaza.
It includes the right for floating and glass ball cell-phone charm (gleam out in a dark place). Floating time is twice for each day, 5:15pm or 6pm. Please choose the time you like. On the day you float, you can change your ticket to floating praying star (LED light bulb) and cell-phone charm at Asakusa bridge. Then, please enjoy floating on the time you chose. ※You can't bring the LED light bulb to your home. Please make sure to float the LED light bulb certainly.
Venue for floating
  Around Asakusa bridge (15 minutes walk from JR Otaru station)
  ・December 22 (Sat)... 5:15pm or 6 pm
  ・December 23 (Sun)... 5:15pm or 6pm
  ・December 24 (Mon)... 5:15pm or 6pm
Ticket sales at Canal Plaza
  Address ...  1-20, Ironai 2 chome, Otaru city, Hokkaido, Japan
  Tel ... +81 134 33 1661 (English, Chinese, Korean OK)
  Access ... 10 minutes walk from JR Otaru station towards the sea.

It's limited 1,000 bulbs each day, please don't miss it!!

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