Otaru Bier Oktober Fest!!

Hi, how are you?
It's sudden but have you ever heard "Oktober fest"?
It's German.
Speaking honestly, I had never heard this word until I knew this happy event.
"Otaru Bier Oktober Fest" will be held from September 13 to 17 at Otaru Beer Brewery.
I checked about "Oktober fest" on the Internet, it's saying...

「Oktober fest is the annual event which is held in Munich, Bavaria, Germany. Originally, it's held in a celebration of marriage of Crown prince Ludwig and Princess Sachsen of the day, in 1810. Today, it is the biggest festival in the world, and many people join it and enjoy beer.」

Well, don't you think why the event will be held in Otaru?
Actually, Otaru's craft beer is made using German method. Also, you can enjoy many kinds of Otaru's craft beer, home-made sausages and Germanic meals at Brewery.
So, in "Otaru Bier Oktober Fest", specially a popular Oktober fest band, "Edertaler Spitzbuben" will come to Otaru!! and  they're gonna perform live.

***This is a schedule of their musical performance***
Sep 13 (Thu) ①17:30 ~ ②20:00 ~
Sep 14 (Fri) ①15:00 ~ ②17:30 ~ ③20:00 ~
Sep 15 (Sat) ①12:00 ~ ②15:00 ~ ③17:30 ~ ④20:00 ~
Sep 16 (Sun) ①12:00 ~ ②15:00 ~ ③17:30 ~ ④20:00 ~
Sep 17 (Mon) ①12:00 ~ ②15:00 ~ ③17:30 ~ ④20:00 ~
Don't need to pay additional charge for music live performance!! Please just enjoy beer and meals as usual.

Otaru Bier Oktober Fest
Date Sep 13 (Thu) to 17 (Mon)
Place Otaru Beer Brewery
Access 15 minutes walk from JR Otaru station. It's located along the Otaru canal.
Website www.otarubeer.com/jp
Tel +81 134 21 2323

How about enjoy music and craft beer having a look beautiful canal view??
Have Fun!!

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