Basic Tourist Information 1 ~Access to Otaru~

Hello, how are you??
The forecast calls for the hottest day in Otaru...probably this is the last hot day in this summer.
I often post information about attractions of Otaru but first of all, I thought that nobody can visit our city without basic tourist information.
That's why I decided to post these information periodically.
First basic information is "Access to Otaru".
Otaru is located in quite convenient area in Hokkaido.
Hokkaido has some airports and the largest one is "New Chitose Airport".

If you take a JR train from New Chitose Airport, you can reach Otaru just in 72 minutes, via Sapporo. (by rapid-service train.)
From Sapporo to Otaru, it takes 32 minutes by rapid train, and 50 minutes by local train.
Train from Sapporo run alongshore. You can enjoy amazing sea view.
By JR Train
-From New Chitose Airport-
It's operated about every 15 minutes. Rapid train is operated every 30 minutes. One way 1,740 yen for adult.
-From Sapporo-
It's operated at least every 10 minutes.One way 620 yen for adult, 310 yen for child.
By Car
-From New Chitose Airport-
Expressway toll(from Chitose to Otaru) is 2,050 yen (standard-sized car).
-From Sapporo-
Expressway toll (from Sapporo west to Otaru) is 800 yen (standard-sized car).
By Bus
-From Sapporo-
It's operated at least every 10 minutes. Fare is 590 yen for adult, 300 yen for child.  
※There is no bus from New Chitose Airport to Otaru directly. If you want to use bus, please transfer at Sapporo.
If you have any questions, never mind.
There are tourist information center at each station.
Also, each station has hire car service desk and bus terminal in front of itself.
Please feel free to ask us :)

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