Basic Tourist Information 3 ~ Climinate & Clothes ~

 Hokkaido is known as a really cold place...apart from this summer:-P
Last summer was soooo hot for us but Otaru is livable place by ordinary.
The hardest season in Otaru is winter.
Snowfall begin from the beginning of November, and come down till the beginning of April.
The coldest term is from January to the beginning of March. The outside temperature reaches below zero.
We can see beautiful views only because of the below freezing wolrd.
Otaru has every winter attractive spots, such as the Canal  frozen the surface of itself, historic buildings surrounded by snow, ski resorts and outside hot spring with winter scenery etc.
If you are planning to visit Hokkaido and enjoy these attractions for this winter, please refer to this.

Please don't forget to prepare protection against cold, for example woolen cap, groves, scarf and so on. It is important that don't expose your skin :)
In addition, during winter in Otaru, streets become sooooo slippery. Even for us, it's easy to fall down.
Please prepare shoes which have non-slip soles or, I recommend to get non-skid bands for your shoes. These bands can be purchased easily at every store during winter.
And personally, I dress in layers during winter because I'm sensitive to the cold. Many stores sell great goods called "Hokkairo". It's small sheet packed from plastic bag. After you open it, it becomes very warm.
It might be interesting to find special protection against cold yourself.

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