The Sake Museum "Shusenkan"

Have you ever heard "Kitanohomare"(北の誉)?? "Kitanohomare" is a kind of Otaru's local sake. I went to the museum of Sake, "Shusenkan"(酒泉館) with Ms.Yoshda and Ms.Kasahara. Right flag is saying "Established 1901". The big round stuff was hung on the roof of the entrance. It seems to be a talisman. Sometimes we can see it at the entrance of old building. There were lots of jar for sake and old posters. Miniatures show us the process of sake making. They sell many kinds of sake, you can try limited local sake, seasonal sake and "Kitanohomare". Would you like it as a souvenir? If you'd like to visit sale brewery, please ask staffs. Sake Museum "Shusenkan" (酒泉館) Address: 21-15, Okusawa 1chome, Otaru City, Hokkaido Tel: +81 134 22 2176 Admission Fee: Free Open hour: 9am ~ 5pm Access: By taxi...takes 10 minutes from JR Otaru station or 5 minutes from JR Minami Otaru station. By bus...Take from Chuo-bus Otaru station terminal (in front of JR Otaru station) and get off at "Okusawaguchi"(奥沢口) and then 5 minutes walk.


  1. Isn't "The big round stuff" a sugidama/sakabayashi?