Otaru Rakan no Tera (Luohan's temple)

After "Shusenkan"(酒泉館), we visited "Souenji"(宗圓寺) temple. It's located on the hill, we enjoyed the view first and saw a cute image on the stairs. Soenji temple has beautiful garden around itself. This temple is called "Rakan no tera"(らかんの寺) (means Luohan's temple. "Luohan" is a kind of saint in Buddha.) You can see 500 statues of "Luohan" here. It's not allowed to take pictures in this temple so, this is a leaflet. This temple was completed about 400 years ago in Hakodate and about 100 years ago, it's moved to Otaru. In addition, it's registered as a tangle cultural asset of Hokkaido. It might be complicated to pay homage at Japanese temple for tourists from foreign countries. So, I'll let you know how to do it. 1. Bow your head to the main temple 2. Bow your head in front of the offertory box 3. Throw some coins into the offertory box 4. Press your hand together and pray 5. Bow your head in front of the offertory box again 6. Bow your head to the main temple again. We felt that we got marvelous power :) Would you like to feel it?? Souenji Temple (宗圓寺) Address: 1-19-10, Shiomidai, Otaru City, Hokkaido Tel: +81 134 22 7772 Access: Take a bus from Chuo-bus terminal Otaru station terminal. Bus# 2,6,30 and get off at "Ryukotujimae"(龍徳寺前) and then 15 minutes walk.

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