Moutain climbing @ Shioya Maruyama(塩谷丸山)

Hello, how are you? Fine days recently in Otaru. I enjoyed mountain climbing with Ms.Yoshida and Ms.Kasahara. The place is ... "Shioya Maruyama"(塩谷丸山). This mountain course is for beginners and easy to go to the entrance of it. We went there by cay but JR train is also convenience. The closest JR train station is "Shioya(塩谷)" station. It takes about 10 minutes by JR train from JR "Otaru" station. Wow! I found a Japanese grass lizard at JR Shioya station. He was just 10cm in length, so cute :) After getting off the train, there're some signboards to the entrance. Please don't forget to fill in climbing book for climbers before going. Cast-off skin of Cicada The view from the mountaintop. The mountaintop > We really enjoyed nature of Otaru. It took about 90 minutes to the mountaintop. Each three tourist information center has this course map. We're waiting for you in Otaru!! :)

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