Udon and Earthen pot

It's cold in these days.
I have recommended food in cold season.
The name is ... "Nabeyaki-Udon".
I think Udon is quite famous food all over the world because when I stayed in foreign country, I saw Udon at many places. Not only at Japanese restaurant but also at supermarket.
However, have you ever try Udon with small earthen pot?
Usually, when we enjoy Udon, we eat it with the bowl, but "Nabeyaki-Udon" is different.
Please look at this photo...↓↓

I ate this "Nabeyaki-Udon"at "Misono-ice cream". (This restaurant is located on Miyako-shopping street. It takes less than 5 minutes from Otaru station by walk.)

You might thought it's interesting because this is "Ice cream shop".
"Misono-ice cream" is a first ice cream shop in Hokkaido.
Ice cream have been really popular sweet for a long time in Hokkaido.
But Hokkaido becomes really cold in winter so, the master of "Misono-ice cream" has started serving not only ice cream but also winter menus.
Among these menus, this "Nabeyaki-Udon" became so famous.
You can enjoy some kinds of veges with it.
It's so hot but sooooo yummy!!!
I'd like you to try "Nabeyaki-Udon"!!!

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