Tasting Party! ♯2 ~Sushi~


I'll give you great information to eat delicious SUSHI in Otaru.

I've posted about the cream puff event before and a Sushi event will be held at the same time.(11/12/2010~19/12/2010)

This is precious chance because you can enjoy eight kinds of sushi for 1,000 yen during this event at six sushi restaurants.

Sushi restaurant list

Nakaichi, Iso sushi, Tatsumi sushi, Fuji sushi, Kitano ryouba, Fuku sushi

"Tatsumi sushi" joined the tasting party and we could try some of their sushi.

These sushi were only 1,000 yen though every sushi was sooooo nice.

The master of "Tatsumi sushi" said at the tasting party, "I don't want to lose to Sushi train. Everyone might think Japanese sushi restaurant's sushi must be expensive. That's why, I wanted to change their opinion into 'The price of sushi is reasonable moreover delicious.' We did our best."

Each six restaurants have four same kinds of sushi and other four sushi will be respective features. (Tuna, abalone, sea urchin and so on.)

Every sushi restaurant is located on Skaimachi street. (It takes about 20 minutes on foot from Otaru station.)

We're looking forward to seeing you with delicious SUSHI!!!

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