Tasting Party!♯1~Cream puff~

Hello I joined a tasting party yesterday!! This party was held at ..."LeTAO"! :) ↓↓

It was snowy day yesterday, but many people gathered.

This tasting party was held for Bloggers in Otaru.

Actually, some cake shops and Sushi restaurants will have special menu for a Christmas event named "Otaru Long Christmas".

These cake shops will bake wonderful cream puffs during 11/12/2010~19/12/2010.

Cake shop list

LeTAO, Otaru Amatou, Yukijirushi parlor, Kitakarou, Gin no kane

We could have a talk with confectioners face to face. I'll show you some cream puffs.

LeTAO 6 tastes cream puffs...1,000 yen

You can enjoy 6 kinds of tastes with this cream puff.

Plain cream, chocolate, pistachio, sesame, cheese and caramel

LeTAO Swan puff...210 yen

This is quite filling puff and shaped like swan! It's cute, isn't it?

Amatou Cookie puff...260 yen

This puff has rare cream, bean paste. Amatou has a popular menu, named "Cream Zenzai".

Cream zenzai is a Japanese sweet which has bean paste, soft serve ice cream and sweet rice cake.

Amatou Christmas fruit puff...1,000 yen

You can enjoy many kinds of fruits.

Not only fruits but also macadamia nuts and almond covered with sweet.

Gin no kane Otaru long long puff...800 yen

This 'Long' puff is baked for Otaru 'Long' Christmas.

It has 5 taste. Custard cream, caramel, chocolate, strawberry and Camembert cheese.

I will post about tasting party of Sushi next time.

I couldn't show you other 2 puffs baked by 【Yukijirushi parlor】and 【Kitakarou】 but their puffs also must be beautiful so...


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